Access Point MikroTik (RBmAP2n)

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2.4GHz / PoE



The mAP is a tiny size wireless Access Point with full RouterOS capabilities. It is very portable, since it accepts power from a wide variety of sources - USB, PoE and power jack.

In addition to using this device as a small and portable AP, it also works as a PoE injector - the second Ethernet port provides up to 500mA of power to another device, for example, you can connect a SXT CPE device to it. 

  • PoE in 10-57V
  • Built in 2,4GHz AP
  • microUSB for a 3G/4G modem, or for power input
  • Station or AP mode wireless
  • Passive PoE output (same as input voltage) 

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TAG : A0095333 Access Point MikroTik RBmAP2n
Brand :

Model :

Standards :
QCA9531, 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n built in

1 Core

CPU nominal frequency :
650 MHz

Size of RAM :
64 MB

Ports :
2 x 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet with Auto-MDI/X

Data Rate :
TX power dBm
1MBit/s 22
11MBit/s 22
6MBit/s 20
54MBit/s 18
MCS0 20
MCS7 16

RX sensitivity
1MBit/s -96
11MBit/s -89
6MBit/s -93
54MBit/s -74
MCS0 -93
MCS7 -71

OS compatibility :
MikroTik RouterOS v6, Level 4 license

Power Supply :
Max Power consumption : 5W
Number of DC inputs : 3 (DC jack, PoE-IN, MicroUSB)
PoE in : 802.3af/at
DC jack input Voltage : 8-57 V
PoE in input Voltage : 12-57 V
MicroUSB input Voltage : 5V
PoE out : Passive PoE

Dimensions :
68 x 68 x 19 mm

Package Contents :
mAP device
24V 0.8A power adapter
microUSB type B to USB type A adapter.

Antennas :
1.2dBi built in

USB Interface :
microUSB type AB

Power Supply (PoE) :
Passive PoE 10-57V and 802.3af/at
Pasive PoE output, up to 500mA on Ether 2

Warranty :

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